relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London
relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London
relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London
relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London
relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London
relocation consultancy Kingston upon Thames London


Relocation consulting in Kingston upon Thames



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Come to London!

There are many great benefits to living in the UK capital. Its diverse culture, freedom and security, and huge range of opportunities for investment, careers, education, and history. For people from East Asia, London offers a diverse range of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean communities alongside a welcoming home culture keen to embrace people relocating from abroad. As a relocation consultancy in Kingston upon Thames, we can help you become established in this great, vibrant city.

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Where Hakka Consulting can help

Hakka Consulting offers a full range of services for global clients looking to invest and/or relocate to London and the UK. If you have a vision for securing long-term financial security for your family in the UK, we are here to help. Our consultants have expert local knowledge and will provide you with personal one-to-one attention as we assist you on your relocation journey.

Trust is at the very core of what we do. In our work as a relocation consultancy in Kingston upon Thames we try to nurture trust with every client so that each party benefits over the long-term. Hakka Consulting is here to support you at every step on your journey. We offer a full range of services that includes advising on property investment and property management, immigration, education, business and more. We will work with you as your dedicated local expert, as you and your family look to achieve sustainable long-term prosperity and security.

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Our services

We offer relocation consultancy in Kingston upon Thames, as well as property investment consulting services, and immigration advice. Hakka Consulting offers consulting services across three broad categories:

  • Property Investment (family and private offices)
  • Immigration and Education
  • Business Consultancy

We advise clients on property investment for long term financial returns and can assist with investing in premium assets and properties in London. We offer a bespoke and unique approach with a personal touch that our clients enjoy.








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An assistant serving your family needs

Hakka Consulting works only with UK-qualified experts that have more than 20 years of local knowledge and expertise in the market. We provide relocation consultancy in Kingston upon Thames and will assist you finding property, a suitable school, and provide assistance with dealing with the legal aspects of moving your family and your assets to the United Kingdom.


A bespoke service

Hakka Consulting will be your single point of contact to access a portfolio of unique services for a personal and family oriented experience that will prepare you and immerse you into a rich and fulfilling life in London and the UK.

We provide one-on-one relocation consultancy in Kingston upon Thames for clients looking to invest and relocate to the UK. Our typical customers have a global mindset. They are optimistic for the future of humankind and share a sustainable vision for the future of life on planet earth.

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About Hakka

We are all guests on planet earth and our time is short. With services seeking to secure your family wealth and future, a uniquely balanced philosophy, consulting solutions, pragmatic approach, and attention to detail, there are many stories that exist behind the scenes. Hakka’s services blend authenticity and virtues. Our consulting teams are dedicated to creating bespoke solutions for our partners and clients with deep local knowledge.








The Hakka philosophy

Tough times do not last but tough people do

We live in harmony with nature in a sustainable way. The gentleman aims at harmony, and not at uniformity. Harmony but not uniformity refers to the pursuit of internal harmony and unity instead of apparent uniformity in the community. We strive to streamline our services for our clients to achieve peace of mind knowing that we are who they can trust. Trust will be tried and tested over time and it is at the core of our ethos.