Property investment consulting in Kingston upon Thames


Aerial view of Kingston upon Thames and London

Why London & the UK?

The UK is a secure, stable location to invest in property. Whether you are a foreign investor or a UK national, your property rights are vigorously enforced, and you have the same legal protections as a UK national in the court system too. Furthermore, London is a superb city for business opportunities, with many top banks, financial companies, and the insurance industry basing their activities in the UK capital. At Hakka, we provide property investment consultancy in Kingston upon Thames and throughout London, for both international investors, and for people relocating to the UK capital.

London also has a large amount of open space compared to most major cities, with 62% of the area taken up by public green space and private gardens.








Property investment

As property investment consultancy in Kingston upon Thames we offer many different services for our investors and clients.

We partner with developers in the new build and resale property markets and work with private home owners in London and the UK for both commercial and residential property. In particular, we offer our services to homeowners seeking international buyers and perform tenant ‘find only' services for buy-to-let investors on demand.