Immigration consultancy in Kingston upon Thames

Why London & the UK?





Great global connection

Our clients are drawn to this wonderful city for a number of reasons, including its economic and political stability, excellent health care, access to financial services, reputable schools and universities, and truly unique atmosphere. For any enquiries or advice on investing or relocating to London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our immigration consultancy in Kingston upon Thames.

Advantages of UK citizenship

UK university degrees and other qualifications are recognised by employers and academics globally as a top-notch indicator of a quality education. Students get the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, analytical thinking, and networks and the motivation for their future careers and broader enrichment of life.

Health care system

For British citizens, the UK has a free-for-all at point-of-delivery healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is different from many healthcare systems elsewhere as it is publicly funded through a National Insurance Contribution and health surcharge. Private hospitals are also widely available for fast access to health care. Interpreters can be arranged for language support if needed.

Social stability

With the longstanding history of its Legal and Political systems, including respect for the individual and their human rights, UK society has reached consensus that citizens can live their private lives without interference regardless of their background. London, as the political and financial capital of the UK, enjoys great degrees of freedom and stability that you and your family will enjoy.



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Visa consulting

There are a wide range of visas available for people moving to the UK, depending on their intentions. Our immigration consultancy in Kingston upon Thames can guide you through the application process, and help make it as smooth and quick as possible.

Student visa

  • Must be aged 16 or over with an offer letter
  • If aged 16 or 17, they may be eligible for a Child Student visa at an independent school
  • Must have sufficient funds
  • Can speak, read, write and understand English
  • Have proven consent from their parents if aged 16 or 17 when you apply

Start-up visa

  • No restriction on investment funds
  • No restriction on business experiences
  • Sponsored and trained by universities or businesses
  • Two year visa before convert to Innovator or other visas

Innovator visa

  • No restriction on investment funds
  • Investment funds at least £50,000
  • New idea, viable, with potential for growth
  • Three year visas
  • Possibility of naturalisation

Sole representative visa

  • Hold a senior position within an overseas company and have full authority to make decisions on the company’s behalf
  • Eligible to healthcare system with a surcharge
  • Three year visas
  • Eligibility to settle permanently after five years

High potential individual (HPI) Visa (NEW)

  • Britain opens up its visas for graduates of the world’s top universities
  • Graduate from 37 eligible universities with no job offer required
  • 2 year stay for PHDs and 3 year stay for Bachelors and Masters
  • Eligible to bring family with them with proven English proficiency
  • Eligible to healthcare system with a yearly surcharge
  • Sufficient funds and proven good character